Artistic Education

Morenu began his career as a self-taught, but always sought technical and poetic improvement, for these reasons since early age he attended workshops with masters of Latin American painting such as Alejandro Obregón, Jim Amaral, Maria Paz Jaramillo, Oswaldo Guayasamin, Leonel Góngora, and late with the exceptional Carioca portraitist Geraldo Aguiar.

In 2014 Morenu attended to an artistic residency at the Dacia Gallery in New York, which ended with the exhibition “Painting in New York 2014

After going through an existential crisis in his production and after four months without painting, Morenu felt the need to deepen his theoretical knowledge to reach the next level in his visual poetics, so in 2013 he began his degree in visual arts at the Dulcina de Moraes School of arts in Brasília, where he studied four semesters. Seeking a deeper exploration in the language experimentation, he transferred to the Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts at the Institute of Arts of the University of Brasilia UnB, concluding in 2019

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